britta be my guest// rest in peace McQueen

now the first days of february are passing and in a few days the date will be there - the date when three years ago lee mcqueen comitted suicide.
that is the topic of britta's following guestpost. she is an editor of stylesyoulove and edelight and sent me this great article.
so enjoy it in memorial of the great genius.

Three years, Alexander McQueen
“Look after my dogs, sorry, I love you, Lee”, are Alexander McQueen’s last words, written on a piece
of paper. On February 11th it’s been exactly three years since the well known fashion designer was
found dead in his apartment. But still, his influence on fashion, art and pop culture is enormous.
Juxtaposing opposites was his passion: beauty and ugly, near and far, known and foreign, this world
and beyond.

“The House of MCQ” under Sarah Burton is constantly creating collections in the name of the king
of ambivalent and artistic fashion. Be updated and have a look at Alexander McQueen’s designs:

The newer creations spread flair of metamorphosis, as they pick up the motif of cocoons and
butterflies. But also, there are designs more subtle in their artistic impression. For example the 2013
collection: It has a few patterns, forms and figures which remind of the 1950s, but with complete
different materials, colours and accessories: black leather, red flannel and matching scarves. Let’s call
it “the rise of the housewife” – which could be a metarmorphosis as well …

Image: Butterfly Camouflage Military Shirt Dress-